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About Us: Who We Are, and How We Can Help You Travel and Taste

What is TravelsinTaste.com and what are we all about? That’s the question that you probably need answered. Well, first you need to know what we’re not. We’re not food critics. We never will be food critics. That’s not a bad thing, though. Instead, we’re information mavens. We love food, and we know you do, too. We therefore want to provide you, the diner, with the most comprehensive and objective information on the Web about the world’s most talked-about dining experiences so that you can make your own informed decisions about what’s bad, what’s good and what’s great. No one can tell you where to dine or what to order, not even the world’s savviest foodies.

TravelsinTaste.com caters to your needs. That’s why we call ourselves “The Real Deal.” We provide you with unbiased information that describes in detail restaurants’ location, space, menu and appealing highlights, not to mention our own “Comfort Zone,” which will provide you with all the basic information you need to decide whether you do or do not want to try a given destination, or take a virtual tour of it via our detailed guide. There’s also information about each city in which our destinations are located so that after—or before—your dining adventure you can use your free time to check out some must-see local hot spots.

While our restaurant guides are our bread and butter, in the future we’ll be branching out into other areas; ideas are already on our drawing board and we look forward to bringing our brand of detailed information to other aspects of your traveling adventures. After all, we are committed to you. We want you to read a listing, fully understand it and be able to decide, “Is this a place I’d like to visit?” If it’s not, we want to provide alternatives, including some places you might not have previously considered.

TravelsinTaste.com focuses only on the most reputable restaurants in a given location. You might ask, “Have you ever tested a place out and found it not to your standards? What do you do?” Yes, we have, and those restaurants are not listed on our site. We’ve given them several opportunities to impress us, and if they do not meet our stringent standards, they are not listed.

You’ve probably got some other questions, too. Here are answers to a few of the most popular inquiries on our readers’ tongues:

What are people reading at TravelsinTaste.com?
If you want to know what your friends are reading, go to our “Top 10” page, updated every Monday. There, you’ll find the most read articles on our site so that you can be fully equipped to discuss them with your fellow gastronomes at the water cooler Monday morning.

Do you take advertising from the restaurants, or free meals, in order to provide your listings?
No. We adamantly stand by our editorial policy, which states that we will always pay for our meals. We don’t accept freebies. We also don’t accept advertising from any of our listed restaurants. That would be a disservice to our loyal readers and a blemish on our record of objectivity.

How does the site work, exactly?
It’s simple, really. You want to go to dinner in a particular location? Click on “Elegant Dining” (our highest level) or “Noteworthy Dining” (our next highest), then choose your location. You’ll see choices in each. You’ll also be able to compare each restaurant with up to three others, either in the same locale, if you’re taste testing, or in different places, if you want to compare a destination with your favorite local spot.

By the way, if you’re traveling you can also get a five-day weather forecast for your location so that you know what to pack on your trip. If you’re traveling with others, you can e-mail a comparison of listings to a friend so that you can discuss your options together. And if you’re driving, you can download the location to your GPS so that you don’t get lost on your way to dinner.

If you’ve already made an itinerary, you can make reservations at OpenTable. This works for Power Breakfasts, Dynamic Lunch and our two levels of dinners. Just simply choose them from the homepage.

Of course, we don’t only have information about restaurants. If you’re curious about chefs, too, we’ve got you covered. Go to our “Chef’s Corner,” where you can read exclusive chefs’ interviews, watch videos of top chefs cooking in the kitchen, read their biographies or download chefs’ recipes to cook at home that will wow your friends and family.

That’s not enough? You can go to our “Amuse Bouche” section, where you’ll find the latest information on destinations, restaurants, chefs, hotels and casinos, all updated in real time.

Why should I register at TravelsinTaste.com?
If you’re still not impressed with our content offerings, register—it’s free and easy—for access to even more information. We adamantly refuse to sell your e-mail address, and you will receive exclusive behind-the-scenes content, including behind-the-wall portions of our chefs interviews, exclusive e-mails regarding delights of the seasons and a weekly Top 10 e-mail that tells you what everyone else is reading on our site, a favorites, so to speak. Also, you’ll get e-mails notifying you of updates to the site—including new listings, new locations and new areas of focus—before anyone else knows! Finally, registering gives you the ability to download locations to your GPS device and save your favorite locations for easy viewing the next time you log in.

We hope you enjoy TravelsinTaste.com. We’ll be adding more locations, listings, chefs and information soon, along with the latest news that we continuously provide our valued readers.

We wish you nothing but happy trips and delicious dining!

Tasty travels,

The TravelsinTaste.com Team
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