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Beverly Hills Value Menus
Times are tough, and TravelsinTaste.com is on your side. We're therefore proud to report that the time has finally come for our loyal readers who desire fine dining cuisine, decor and experience, but don't want to stretch their wallets in order to enjoy it. That's because the uncertain economy has persuaded a number of restaurants to provide special value menus -- bar menus, price buster menus, recession beater menus, etc. -- designed to give you a taste of luxury without the cost. Priced for those who would like to visit, taste and get a "feel" for a new restaurant on an exploratory basis, with the hope that they'll return one day to enjoy a full-fledged meal, these pared-down menus are special menus created by the same chefs who prepare the restaurants' regular, more elaborate menus. In order to help you find these deals faster, we decided they deserved their own special category at TravelsinTaste.com. For the full listings for these restaurants -- including their regular menus -- you can always visit our Fine Dining or Noteworthy Dining sections, as well as the Special Events section for special meals. We hope you enjoy perusing.
Ortolan (Value Menu)             
Highlighted Restaurant:
Ortolan (Value Menu)

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