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Ok, so you know that one of your favorite chefs has been working at restaurant XYZ for the last three years, since you’ve been dining there. Or maybe you just learned about the restaurant, and you hear it's the chef who's turning it into such a hot topic of conversation. Maybe you know his name. But, do you know where he's from, where he trained, how he got his experience, who he's worked under or whose style he admires? Probably not. You soon will, though, thanks to TravelsinTaste.com. That's because all these questions and more can be answered right here, with a quick read of our "Biography" section. In it, we offer you all our chefs' bios, which include information on where they studied, how they got into the business, where they apprenticed and how they got to where they are today—in short, all the basics. Of course, if it's more than basics you crave, you can follow up chefs' bios by clicking here to read or watch exclusive interviews with them in order to learn about their influences, specific tastes and unique talents. If you want to rub virtual elbows with some of the country's best chefs, this is the place to start.

Tony Abou-Ganim   The Modern Mixologist   Las Vegas
Anthony Amoroso   Michael Mina   Las Vegas
Helene An   Crustacean   Beverly Hills
Paul Bartolotta   Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare   Las Vegas
Eric Bauer   Morels French Steakhouse and Bistro   Las Vegas
Geno Bernardo   Nove Italiano   Las Vegas
Michael Bloise   Wish   South Beach
Richard Chen   Wing Lei   Las Vegas
Josiah Citrin   Melisse   Santa Monica
Bernardo Espinel   Americana   South Beach
Marc Forgione   Forgione (Inside the Next Iron Chef Part 1 of 2)   New York
Adrian Hoffman   Lark Creek Restaurant Group   San Francisco
Masa Ishizawa   Okada   Las Vegas
Rene Lenger   Country Club   Las Vegas
Mark LoRusso   Tableau   Las Vegas
Gian Magnone   Magnone (Secrets Behind the Ginger Spice Cocktail)   Las Vegas
Dean James Max   3030 Ocean   South Florida
Jeff McInnis   DiLido Beach Club   South Beach
Sven Mede   Nobhill Tavern   Las Vegas
George Mendes   Aldea   New York
Rick Moonen   RM Seafood   Las Vegas
Francois Payard   Payard Patisserie and Bistro   Las Vegas
Carla Pellegrino   Rao's   Las Vegas
Frank Pellegrino Jr.   Rao's   Las Vegas
Anthony Raggiri   Bistro 61   Upper East Side (NYC)
Patricia Richards    Wynn and Encore (Cocktails)   Las Vegas
Andre Rochat   Alize   Las Vegas
Pietro Rota   La Marea   South Beach
Mark Sandoval   Postrio   Las Vegas
John Schenk   Strip House   New York
Piero Selvaggio   Valentino   Las Vegas
Alessandro Stratta   Alex (CLOSED)   Las Vegas
Jet Tila   Wazuzu   Las Vegas
Michael Vignola   Michael Jordan's   New York
David Walzog   SW Steakhouse   Las Vegas
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