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Chef/Proprietor Jean Joho


    Casco Bay Sea Scallop

Dining with Chefs: Chef/Proprietor Jean Joho

Next, we sampled a series of starters, including the Home Smoked Salmon Choucroute Galette and Aigrelette; the Casco Bay Sea Scallop, Marinated Turnips, Alsace Style, and Pinot Gris; and the Vintage Carnaroli Risotto, Wild Mushrooms and Quail. "In France, we always have salmon," Chef Joho explained. "Here, though, we have it with potato and cabbage; some kind of starch always reminds me of Alsace, and the potato and cabbage really work together. For the scallops, I serve them with turnips because when I grew up, we did turnips this way. My own interpretation is using American turnips, marinated three or four days, that we cook almost like a cabbage."

Carnaroli Risotto

What about the risotto, we wondered, which is decidedly more Italian than French. "I always have risotto on my menu," Chef Joho explained. "When I made risotto in 1986 at Maxim's, I got a whole page in The New York Times, which said it was the best risotto in the United States. I change the risotto all the time -- five or six times a year -- but I always have some kind of risotto. It's where my Italian background comes in."

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