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Executive Chef Sam DeMarco

First Food & Bar

    Dining with Chefs: Executive Chef Sam DeMarco
First Food & Bar

Another notable stop on our tour was toward the back of the restaurant, where the VIP entry will eventually be located. “There’s a private dining room for 50 people,” Chef DeMarco pointed out. “It’s great for a party and definitely for a late-night place. If you have a band and you want to sneak in the back, you can come in and not have to deal with the restaurant. You want to be a cool place; you don’t want to expose these people. You want a place that they can go.“

While rock stars will appreciate the privacy, guests of all types will appreciate the lighting at FIRST. “It’s so unique to Vegas,” Chef DeMarco remarked. “In the old casinos the restaurants were in the back; there were no windows and there was no natural lighting. You feel a world away out here. There’s a lot of natural light coming in. It’s nice; it finishes the elegant feel of an image. We’re very excited. I’ve opened a lot of restaurants and done a lot of build-outs. We have a lot going with this place; it’s the right economy at the right time. We’re feeling strong conceptually. I’m 44 now and have been cooking for three decades. I feel I have a good hand on it; I just want to make people happy!”

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