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Dining Option Designations

Power Breakfast Serves breakfast and/or weekend brunch
Dynamic Lunch Our luncheon listings
Noteworthy Dining Home to our less formal, but no less exquisite, selections for dinner
Fine Dining Our most elegant listings for dinner

Listings Include

Detailed accounts of space, menu, appealing highlights and a comfort zone chart that rounds out each listing. Nearby attractions are also highlighted.
Ability to create side-by-side comparisons of select destinations
Ability to share your favorite locales via e-mail with family and friends

Comfort Zone Designations

5 Crowns Via telephone and online (www.opentable.com).
4 Crowns Via telephone.
3 Crowns via telephone during restaurant hours.
2 Crowns Accepts walk-ins where possible.
1 Crown Over booking, reservation time problems.
5 Crowns Comfortable chairs, generous tables, easy access aisles.
4 Crowns Ample chairs and tables, reasonable aisle access.
3 Crowns Average chairs and tables, some seating groups and aisles tight.
2 Crowns Chairs and tables close, some aisles minimum.
1 Crown Minimum size chairs, tables, aisles, apparent crowding.
5 Crowns Everything top of the line, seamless service, d├ęcor, generous seating and tables, quality place settings, flowers, art, decoration, superior acoustics with minimal noise.
4 Crowns Quality dining experience, attentive service, appealing decor, suitable seating and tables, reasonable acoustics.
3 Crowns Gracious dining experience, professional service, pleasing decor, acceptable acoustics.
2 Crowns Casual dining experience, acceptable service, informal decor.
1 Crown Can be noisy, simple place settings, tables and chairs.
5 Crowns Many major awards - Chef/Restaurant (Mobil Travel Guide, AAA, James Beard, Food and Wine, Gourmet Magazine, Conde Nast, Michelin, etc.).
4 Crowns Major award plus many local awards.
3 Crowns Many local awards.
2 Crowns Positive local recognition.
1 Crown New restaurant and or location.
5 Crowns In restaurant, well appointed and designed, comfortable, easy same level access.
4 Crowns In restaurant or nearby space with same level access.
3 Crowns In restaurant, level change, some have elevator access available.
2 Crowns Outside of restaurant, same level access.
1 Crown Outside of restaurant, level change, some have elevator access available.
5 Crowns On site free.
4 Crowns On site, nearby, valet.
3 Crowns Nearby garages, lots, metered and restricted street, fees, street.
2 Crowns Walking distance, garages, lots, restricted and metered street, fees, street.
1 Crown Limited, walking distance, expensive, garages, lots, metered and restricted street, fees.

Amuse Bouche

The Dining Room Restaurant and chef breaking news
The Rendezvous Travel, hotel and casino hot spots news flashes
Culinary Communique Special dinners, menu changes, dining events

Exclusive Member Capabilities Include

Download destination information to your GPS
Build a library of your favorite restaurants
Save your favorite searches
Receive our exclusive free e-mails

Site Navigation

There are two levels of site navigation, listing navigation for navigation within a particular dining destination, and site navigation for navigation across all of our dining information.

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