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Executive Chef Daniel Angerer

Klee Brasserie

    Shrimp Carpaccio, Steamed, Chilled & Flattened

Dining with Chefs: Executive Chef Daniel Angerer
Part Two of Three

Like the Alsatian Pizza, the Shrimp Carpaccio is delicious and, indeed, theatrical. "In terms of the Shrimp Carpaccio, I wanted to create a dish where people, particularly women, can have lots of fun with it," Chef Angerer said. "Shrimp is a dish often incorporated in salads. I wanted to leave the salad out and focus totally on the shrimp. This was something light that people, especially ladies, can have an appetizer and enjoy a second and third course. So, we make the shrimp in the form of a carpaccio. The dish incorporates a cooking style that has been talked about a lot lately: sous vide, which is a low temperature cooking style. What it does is it preserves the flavors and the shape of any particular item or protein. In this case, I cook the shrimp and we have a little bit of heat for some horse radish, which is pickled, and Greenmarket beet ribbons, which add an extra contrast and spiciness. Then we finish it very simply with a chamomile vinaigrette and sea salt."

Beer Smoked Sturgeon & Caviar

Next up was Sturgeon, which Chef Angerer prepared recently during an appearance on Food Network's Iron Chef America. "We prepared the Sturgeon for the Iron Chef show," Chef Angerer said. "It’s a dish that I think had a lot to do with my roots also, because sturgeon is popular in landlocked countries. I grew up with some sturgeon for special occasions, and I always had that flavor profile. It's interesting when you think, as a chef, to back when you grew up; you still have flavors in your head from when you grew up and you try to match that sometimes. All of a sudden you come to the flavor and it takes you right back to when you were sitting there as a little boy at your parents' table. We took a great risk on the dish. We smoked the sturgeon, which enhances the earthiness of it, and then we put some caviar on it for obvious reasons -- because caviar comes from sturgeon. We wanted to have some lightness to it, so we pickled a large cucumber and wrapped it around the sturgeon, which became the acidic flavor component of that dish. We smoked the sturgeon with beer and Applewood smoking chips and there was a smoked yogurt also, which had lots of beer and some lime in there. It was the creamy part of the dish. We didn't feel it was really complete yet, so we said, 'Let's do something really crazy; let's shave some white chocolate on it.' I thought it seemed to work quite nicely. It's interesting how salt from the caviar and how the sweetness of the chocolate works together. It worked out nice I think. It seemed to be a good dish on TV -- they seemed to like it -- and we won with it also, so that was good."

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