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Executive Chef Daniel Angerer

Klee Brasserie

    Chef Angerer's "Macaroni & cheese"

Dining with Chefs: Executive Chef Daniel Angerer
Part Three of Three

Of course, the entrees aren't the only stars at Klee. For that reason, we turned our conversation from duck to our very special side dish -- the Mac and Cheese -- which was not really macaroni at all. "Who doesn't know Mac and Cheese?" Chef Angerer asks. "But the second question is, who knows spaetzel? Macaroni & Cheese is what everyone knows and we make a version with the spaetzel pasta. It’s a handmade product. It's not that common anymore that people take the time to make something by hand because it's labor intensive. Is it easy to open a package of macaroni you buy around the corner? Yes But here you control the ingredients. There's something to do with the history of it. It's personal -- even in the way you serve it. It's different."

Sacher Torte with Schlag

Finally, we finished our meal with one of Europe's original desserts, the Sacher Torte. "When I had the opportunity -- because I grew up in the west of Austria, and in the east is Vienna -- I would make my way in my young years to Vienna, where there was a very lovely restaurant that I had the opportunity to work in," Chef Angerer told us. "In summer, on my days off, I would be able to go to the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, which has this world famous chocolate cake and has this great reputation of sending it out in cute wooden boxes all over the world. So I still get another memory; you sit there in a sidewalk cafe and look out on the opera with the classic music there and it all fits together. I tried to get the romance here on the plate. It's a very moist chocolate cake with a little apricot piece. It's my philosophy and I hope people can get a part of that at least."

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