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Le Bernardin

Executive Chef / Co-Owner Eric Ripert


Dining with Chefs: Executive Chef and Co-Owner Eric Ripert
Le Bernardin (Part 2 of 2)

So do we. In fact, it was such a wonderful combination that we decided it would be the grand finale of our fish odyssey -- well, except for dessert. For that, we ordered the Chocolate-Peanut, Apricot and Yuzu. "The Chocolate-Peanut is a delicious dessert -- but to me it's too small," Chef Ripert confessed. "I complain all the time that we should do it bigger because I love it so much; I have one every day! It's a very delicate combination; between the crust and the chocolate and the nuts and the ice cream, it's really good. The Apricot is a new dessert. I really love it. Again, it's very delicate with harmonious combinations that obviously elevate the qualities of the apricot and the different preparations on the plate. I'm very impressed with the Apricot and I have nothing to do with it -- it's the pastry chef's! The Yuzu is just very light and refreshing and I think it's a great complement to a big meal."


As our meal drew to a close, we seized the opportunity to ask Chef Ripert some of the burning questions we thought our readers would like to have answered. Because he travels a lot, for instance, we wondered if Chef Ripert has any favorite gems, in terms of the restaurants and chefs he's encountered. "I don't travel as much as you think," he said. "I spend a lot of time here. I travel maybe a couple of months a year. I was in Japan last year and I really had an amazing, amazing experience in Tokyo at a place called Sukiyabashi Jiro. The Michelin Guide gives them three stars and there's a gentleman who is 80 years old who makes the sushi in front of you while his son is making the rice in the back. I was blown away by the quality of the sushi. So that was really, really a powerful experience for me."

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