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An entryway into the Italian wine kingdom, Felice is nothing short of spectacular. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide views of the restaurant over 1st Avenue, and between them lies the glass entrance to Felice, which is surrounded by purple and olive drapes. Upon passing through those, you'll notice that you've actually entered the restaurant through a wine barrel -- an exact replica of the wine barrels used for aging wine at Fattoria Sardi Giustiniani, a Tuscan winery owned by the restaurant's proprietor, Jacopo Giustiniani. The door to the restaurant is emblazoned with the label of Giustiniani's namesake wine -- Felice -- that's been modified in order to represent the restaurant.
After you enter Felice you'll have the feeling that something wonderful is about to begin, as you'll see candlelight dancing off of glass jugs, rows of wine and a beautiful bar -- all of which will make you feel that you've arrived at a wonderful and cozy Italian cafe. Of course, the restaurant is more than cozy. It's stylish, too. In fact, renowned designer Robert McKinley collaborated with Giustiniani on the design. You may recognize his name, as he created the interior of the popular Gold Bar in New York and also worked for Tommy Hilfiger and Armani, as well as high-profile clients such as Yves Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney. At first glance you'll see the bar in front of you to the back, a communal table perpendicular to you, wine shelves on either side of the restaurant and a beautiful, wine barrel-inspired lighting fixture above. Candlelight dances off that lighting fixture, which is a chandelier made of 10 glass wine jugs that's suspended from the middle of the ceiling, directly over the communal table.
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