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    Shrimp Carpaccio, Steamed, Chilled & Flattened

No stranger to the kitchen, Executive Chef Daniel Angerer has not only worked with some of the best, but also has left his mark on them. Indeed, he's one to be remembered for his televised battle with Iron Chef Bobby Flay. Chef Angerer's cuisine is extraordinary. In fact, it's like nothing you've ever tasted before. Once you understand his background and his absolute passion and devotion to food, you'll understand why Klee's cuisine tastes just that much better than other so-called "neighborhood" restaurants. Austrian born Angerer has had plenty of international experience, as he's worked everywhere from Germany to Italy to France. Although he completed his education in Austria, he started to work right away upon graduation for the Relai Hotel and Chateau in Germany. After that, Chef Angerer worked with the renowned "Chef of the Century" Joel Robuchon in Paris. Then he set his sights on New York -- at not just any New York restaurant, but rather at San Domenico and Jean Georges. After honing his craft there, the enthusiastic chef opened Alouett in 1998, and then worked at Bouley Bakery, ultimately becoming Executive Chef at Coast, Fresh and Shore (in downtown Manhattan after Sept. 11). Today, Chef Angerer showcases his wonderful creations at his very own restaurant, Klee. In our interview with Chef Angerer, he mentioned that he wanted the food to be something that people are comfortable with; when they read the menu, he wants them to see their beloved lamb, chicken and beef -- but with new twists on classic dishes. Those twists follow:
Mini Pot of Muscovy Duck Pate

Small Tastes: Mini Maine Lobster Rolls ($6); Herbed Marcona Almonds & Olives ($6); Paprika Cheese Dip "Liptauer" ($5); Moulard Duck Prosciutto Canapes ($6); Beausoleil Oyster, Canada ($2.50 p/p).

First: Creamless Five Color Carrot Soup (smoked cheese shavings, salted pretzel croutons, $9); Chicken Consomme & Almond Milk (pumpkin cubes, herbs, popcorn dumpling, $10); Golden Beet & Blue Cheese Salad (organic beets, cress, cucumber, toasted pumpkin seeds, $12); "Egg-in-a-hole" Salad (organic deviled egg, seasonal mushrooms, dandelion and market greens, purple mustard dressing, $12); Shrimp Carpaccio, Steamed, Chilled & Flattened (South American shrimp, radish ribbons, spicy horseradish-green apple petals, $16); Mini Pot of Muscovy Duck Pate (Concord grape and hibiscus jam, sourdough toast, $13); Alsatian Thin Crust Pizza (creme fraiche, smoky bacon, Vidalia onions, $14).
Meal Price Ranges: Glass of Wine $10 - $13
Appetizer $6 - $16
Entree $19 - $29
Dessert $7 - $15
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