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Executive Chef Daniel Angerer

Klee Brasserie

    Beer Smoked Sturgeon & Caviar

Recently, TravelsinTaste.com very happily caught up with Chef Daniel Angerer of Klee Brasserie in New York to discuss a myriad of topics, from his path to Klee and the components of our meal to his food philosophy and his recent Iron Chef America stint. Here's what Chef Angerer had to say:

Mini Pot of Muscovy Duck Pate

Our conversation with Chef Angerer started with a look at Klee's origins, as we wanted to know more than anything else how his New York restaurant came to be. "I was involved in three restaurants and had some partners before that," Chef Angerer told us. "For me, it was always about creating my own type of restaurant. Looking for a location took me over a year. Lori Mason, my fiancee, was a great asset to that process. We would work during the day -- she as an attorney and me at the restaurant -- and at the end of the day actually, because there was no other time, we would take a look at locations. We would go at 12 at night to look at locations, which was a lot of fun, but exhausting because it took us about a year to find this location in Chelsea. Coincidentally, we had just moved here. We bought an apartment about two blocks away. Lori looked at the space before I did. I said, 'Why are you bringing me here?' because it was a small restaurant. As I walked into the kitchen I saw it was the same size as the dining room and I said, 'Duh, let's cut the kitchen in half and make more dining room.' So that became our restaurant. We have about 65 seats. Coincidentally, this last space is two blocks from where we live. It is a great asset to be so close. It's like having a baby, having a restaurant. It kind of screams and makes noise all the time, so it's better and it comes in handy if you live close by."

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