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Appealing Highlights
    Special Touches: Antiques

As mentioned earlier, before opening Pinot Brasserie, Chef Joachim Splichal went antiquing in Europe. He brought back with him a significant amount of the special touches that give Pinot Brasserie its authentic atmosphere. Antiques that adorn the restaurant include the railings and signage from Monte Carlo's Hermitage Hotel, the facade from a Lyonnais hotel, a floor from a French Chateau and a 150-year-old ceiling from Provence. In the Left Bank private dining room there's even a framed piece featuring the names of many famous Frenchmen, while in the bar area there's a map of France. Each of these exquisite touches is noticed throughout the dining rooms, where they blend in perfectly with the rest of the restaurant's decor.


The decor at Pinot Brasserie is amazing and has been chosen with care. The hand-painted scrolls of forest animals that adorn the Right Bank private dining room add just the right touch -- without overpowering the room. The brass and frosted glass chandelier in the same room provides just enough subtle light for creating a romantic atmosphere. The copper chandeliers in the Grand Salon are equally romantic, featuring elegant round copper bottoms with delicate electric candles in holders. If you cook, they're sure to inspire you, as a copper bowl is the perfect bowl to use when making a grand marnier souffle! The restaurant's roosters -- or shall we say "cockerel," the national bird of Paris -- are a great conversation piece, as they subtly remind you that you're supposed to be in Paris for the evening, as opposed to Vegas. Indeed, it's as if they are overlooking the dining room in order to ensure that all the touches within it are bona fide Parisian, and that your experience is wonderful.

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