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At Encore, Steve Wynn's newest Las Vegas resort, follow the multicolored mosaic butterfly tiles in the floor to Switch, which is located right off the atrium on the side of the resort that's opposite the entrance from Wynn Las Vegas and the Encore shopping esplanade. Encore’s entrance is beautiful, from its vibrant butterfly sculpture outside to its atrium inside. Immediately you are immersed in a beautiful sanctuary of trees -- including 50-year-old aloe, ficus, fig, screwpine and ponytail palm trees -- that mingle with red, beige, pink and white begonias beneath a domed glass ceiling. You might not see the begonias during your next visit, however, as the flowers change seasonally and include petunias, marigolds, zinnias and others, depending on the time of year. Whatever's planted, if you can take your eyes off the flowers you'll see that directly in front of you lies the casino. If you venture left, you’ll find the high-limit Baccarat area, which is carefully guarded by crystal peacocks. Turn toward the right, however, and just behind a group of ponytail palms and brilliant begonias you'll find a gem of a restaurant: Switch, which is marked at the corners nearest you by two round gazebos.

Once you've stopped gazing at the foliage you’ll see a brown sign that identifies the restaurant. The sign is actually a group of blocks posted vertically on a pole, each with a single white letter, S-W-I-T-C-H. In order to give you a taste of the transitions that take place inside of Switch, all the blocks periodically rotate, one at a time. Upon taking a right at this sculpture-turned-sign you’ll see the restaurant's proper entrance: a gentle sloping ramp of marble that brings you directly to the hostess station. The entrance is at the corner of the restaurant, so you get a good glimpse of the entire room from the hostess station upon entering. If you’re early you might want to sit in the circular gazebo to the right of the hostess station, open to the atrium. Surrounded by foliage and four columns holding up a circular ceiling that's separate from the restaurant’s rotating ceiling, this gazebo comes complete with a jewel-blue circular couch where you can sit and enjoy the wait. If you happen to look up into the recessed ceiling from your spot on the couch you’ll see a fanciful sun structure surrounding framed glass pendant lights inside of which are candles, the entire fixture supported by a chain that adds to the elegant yet fanciful mood.

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