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Appealing Highlights
    The Switch

The entire Switch experience changes approximately once every 30 minutes. It’s not just changing a painting or the music, either; the entire décor of the restaurant changes. The music changes with each transition and actually announces the coming scenery change with a few bars prior to the actual "switch." There are three changes in all -- each one a little more dramatic than the next -- all providing a total change in artwork, as well as ceiling and wall design. Basically, the transition encompasses the wall to the right and left of the entryway -- the one bordering the bar is the left -- the ceiling in the main dining area and the artwork on the far wall, all of which changes while diners watch in awe.

The Transitions

Of the three transitions that take place at Switch, the least dramatic scenario consists primarily of cream-colored hues with artwork on the back wall featuring a white, woven three-dimensional pattern that is backlit against a dramatic black background. In this scenario, the “walls” are the most closed off, featuring a stone-like pattern with recessed nooks in which are covered sconces with squiggly tails -- like you'd find in a Tuscan villa -- and glass doors that open to the atrium. The ceiling in this scenario is the least dramatic, adorned with glass chandeliers in the shape of flowers. The second of Switch's three scenarios features sunset hues of orange, pink and tangerine. It replaces the artwork on the walls with mosaic tiles featuring sunflowers in hues of green, tangerine, bronze and brown. In this scenario, glass screens surround the restaurant instead of walls while the ceiling opens, replacing the flower chandeliers with elaborate multi-tiered chandeliers -- only a portion of which was previously visible -- and the recessed portion of the ceiling with creamy draperies that cover it. The third and most dramatic of Switch's changes features jewel tones, as draperies in purples, greens and gold decorate the walls. The artwork is changed again to glass vases of various sizes and shapes in brilliant greens, blues, purples and gold, all illuminated by spotlighting that's enhanced by the mirrored backdrop. The ceiling closes in this scenario and once again displays beautiful flower-shaped chandeliers.

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