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Appealing Highlights
    Wine Room

Ever wanted to be in the center of a waterfall, but without the muss and fuss? Here's your chance! You’ll notice one of two waterfalls at the entrance to AquaKnox, but what you might not see from the outside is that one of the waterfalls is a private dining room for about four guests, surrounded by its signature circular wall of water. No worries, though: You won't get wet, as this waterfall is basically flowing outside, over the restaurant's circular wine room. As such, the water never touches you. In fact, this is a water-encased, walk-in functional wine cellar. The water is therefore flowing over a circular storage of wine bottles. You can see the water flowing on the outside, but the room is kept at between 58 and 60 degrees so that the labels on the wine bottles won’t fall off. Speaking of wine, there are approximately 2,600 bottles of reds -- international and domestic, new world and old -- in the restaurant. Of course, there are also whites, which are stored inside seven refrigerators around the restaurant. The restaurant's ever-changing mood lighting system provides just the right atmosphere, making you feel as if you’re under the sea. Luckily, however, you aren't; you're in a fantastic restaurant with all your essentials, including wine and great cuisine. What more could anyone need?


The artwork throughout AquaKnox fits in perfectly with the restaurant's larger water cuisine theme. Enlarged photographs of coral, sea anemones and jelly fish frame the walls in a portion of the main dining room, in the back dining room, in the nook to the side of the restaurant and on the way to the restrooms. Also in keeping with the underwater theme is the restaurant's special light treatment system, which creates cool colors that are reminiscent of the ocean. The lights are on a time cycle and rotate through the color spectrum from blue to green, blue being the predominant theme in homage to the sea. A sheer link screen of abstract colors and the AquaKnox logo is bound by two columns that are striped alternately with dark wood and shiny aluminum, providing a semi-separation from the back part of the dining room to the open kitchen.

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