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Chef extraordinaire Eric Ripert is no ordinary chef and Le Bernardin is certainly no ordinary restaurant. Born in Antibes, France, Chef Ripert's background is truly four-star. Having began his culinary education in his grandmother's kitchen, Chef Ripert attended culinary school in Perpignan and moved to Paris to work at LaTour D'Argent, a restaurant with true staying power that dates back more than 400 years. After La Tour D'Argent he worked for Jamin, Joel Robuchon's Michelin three-star restaurant, to which he returned at the request of "The Chef of the Century" after his military service. By 1989, Chef Ripert had moved to the United States, where he worked at the Jean Louis in the Watergate Hotel before making the momentous move to New York, where he worked under David Bouley and, ultimately, at Le Bernardin. Today he stands decorated with multiple awards as co-owner of one of the most talked about restaurants in the country, with three others in Philadelphia (10 Arts), Washington, D.C. (Westend Bistro) and Grand Cayman (Blue), all in conjunction with his consulting business and with the Ritz Carlton. He also has three cookbooks and a new television show, "Avec Eric," which will begin airing in September 2009. With all that on his plate, he still manages to keep Le Bernardin fresh and full of life. He does get assistance from the incredible talents of award-winning Executive Pastry Chef Michael Laiskonis, whose delectable creations are like symphonies on a plate, and award-winning Wine Director/Chief Sommelier Aldo Sohm, who presides over the multifaceted wine list. If you'd care to read Le Bernardin's lunch menu, please read on. For the full listing which includes the dinner menu, please click here. To read about our delectable meal with Chef Ripert and to get to know him a little better, please click here.


Le Bernardin Three Course Menu ($68 per person): Almost Raw: Oysters (single variety or assortment of oysters, six pieces); Kumamoto (progressive tasting of Kumamoto oyster "en gelee," from light and refreshing to complex and spicy); Fluke (fluke sashimi, crispy Kimchi in a chilled lemon, soy, japaleno nage); Hamachi (marinated hamachi Vietnamese style, nuoc mam vinaigrette); Tuna (layers of thinly pounded yellowfin tuna, foie gras and toasted baguette, shaved chives and extra virgin olive oil); Salmon (organic Scottish and smoked salmon, apple, celery and baby watercress, jalapeno emulsion); Kampachi (kampachi tartare, marinated Japanese cucumber, aged citrus vinegar); Geoduck (thinly sliced geoduck marinated Peruvian style, dried sweet corn); Caviar (organically grown farm-raised osetra, $95 supplement per ounce / wild Iranian osetra caviar, $200 supplement per ounce); Black Bass (black bass tartare Mediterranean style, olives, citrus, fennel and marjoram); Salmon-Caviar (thinly pounded smoked salmon carpaccio, toasted brioche and caviar, $45 supplement); Mesclun Salad (salad of the day's market herbs and vegetables with balsamic-shallot vinaigrette).

Meal Price Ranges: Glass of Wine $11 - $34
Pirx Fixe Menu $68
City Harvest Menu $45
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