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On the lower level of the Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, off the Sands Avenue corner of Las Vegas Boulevard, lies a foodie sports fan's dream: Lagasse's Stadium, a 24,000-square-foot, multi-level stadium that serves cuisine by none other than Emeril Lagasse. From the outside, you have no idea how expansive the stadium is. Once you walk through the glass doors and past the reception area, however, suddenly you're in sports heaven. The upper level holds several bars, tables and the coveted luxury boxes, which are private rooms with patio access and plush lounge seating. Because there are so many of them, every table has a view of the televisions that decorate the stadium throughout, including the spectacular floor-to-ceiling video wall above the sports book betting counter. Circular dining tables on the upper level surround the stadium seating, which reaches from the lower to upper levels and is the focal point of the room. Downstairs is a more formal dining area with larger tables that once again have views in spades of the restaurant's collection of televisions, including those that adorn the walls beneath the upper level. Just like a real stadium, all levels are visible throughout the space, which creates an open, expansive feeling wherever you are.

Although it's a "stadium," Lagasse's Stadium isn't your average ballpark. Take its stadium seating, for instance, which is luxurious, consisting of several levels of plush white leather couches that are adorned with overstuffed gold and white pillows and paired with translucent purple tables that are perfectly suited for cocktails or game-day fare. Toward the back of the stadium seating are the skyboxes, where there is semiprivate dining surrounded on two sides by white leather upholstered walls and on a third side by a private television. With short white rectangular tables, they're the perfect spot for watching the game over lunch or dinner, as all seats have views of the televisions and the sports book, and all are illuminated by recessed lighting in white, gold and blue. You'll appreciate that lighting, as there is sports memorabilia throughout the stadium that you'll want to see clearly, including signed jerseys and even a chef's coat signed with a "BAM" by Emeril himself.

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