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    Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

A global culinary journey is what you'll get at Silk Road, which serves the world on a plate but uses strictly local ingredients under the direction of Executive Chef Martin Heierling, who has had a "world" of experience working at restaurants in Germany, Zurich, St. Mortiz, Auckland, New York and even on the Royal Yacht Lady Moura. He's worked with such noted chefs as his greatest culinary mentor, Gray Kunz of the four-star Lespinasse, and New Zealand's best-known chef, Michael James of Restaurant Essence, which was named Auckland’s Best New Restaurant in 1998. At the Bellagio, where he continues his dinner service, Chef Heierling mans the kitchen at Sensi, where he serves Italian and Asian cuisine with an emphasis on grilled dishes and classic seafood. It's a decidedly international theme that he's continued at Silk Road, where he uses local products to create Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Moroccan and Asian cuisine, inspired by the real Silk Road that carried ingredients to Europe from each of these exotic destinations. The restaurant's menu is an alchemical cornucopia of the Silk Road's jewels, flavored by the seasonal organics of California. And if the diversity on Chef Heierling's menu isn't enough to impress you, his outstanding preparations -- including the "Route of Silk Road," his signature daily-changing lunch special -- definitely will. Please continue on for the lunch menu or click here for the breakfast menu. Please note: A gratuity of 21 percent will be added to parties of eight or more.

Blueberry & Ricotta Pancakes

Appetizers: Steamed Edamame ($8); Crispy Mystic Oysters (Sichuan pepper, Salam leaves and yuzu wasabi foam, $12); Farmers Market Green Salad (radishes, sprouts and tomato vinaigrette, $8); Marinated Charred Beef Carpaccio (crisp cheese twinkies, dukkah, extra virgin olive oil and mushrooms, $12); Salt & Pepper Tofu (garlic, jalapenos and sweet soy dip, $8); Roasted Heirloom Beet Salad (beet reduction, marcona almonds, ricotta salata and pomegranate dressing, $12).

Small Plates: Spicy Fried Calamari (whipped avocado and Greek yogurt, $12); Ahi Tuna Bites (mint, pine nuts, crisp potato cake, chili and spiced red pepper paste, $15); Crispy Fried Rock Shrimp (sweet and sour glaze, cucumber, avocado and watermelon, $19); Silk Road Chopped Salad with Lobster (market fresh greens, beet infused couscous and sherry pomegranate vinaigrette, $15).

Meal Price Ranges: Glass of Wine $8 - $27
Appetizer $8 - $19
Entree $12 - $25
Dessert $9
Specialty Cocktails $14
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