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Appealing Highlights

A school of fish adorns the wall above the kitchen entryway. Blue, green and silver fish are suspended from the ceiling and follow the line of the piping above. The fish are fanciful and add to the restaurant's beachy feeling by making you feel as if they are swimming through the vast Pacific, which itself is entirely within your reach.

Breathtaking Views

With a 180-degree view of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica pier, there's no way you can go wrong. With 26 miles of coastline in your sights, along with the West Coast's oldest pier-opened in 1909-the wide white sand beach and Palisades Park, one could simply sit at The Lobster all day and look out the window. That would be a shame, though, as one ought to try the succulent seafood. Translucent shades are utilized during dusk so that you can enjoy the spectacular sunset without being blinded by it.

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