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Everything at Mastro's is large-especially the portions. So whether you're talking about steak, sides or wine, expect a lot of what you order. Known for its classic steakhouse fare, the restaurant also serves seafood and salads. Its signature appetizers are a chilled seafood tower, made to order, and a tomato and mozzarella salad. The centerpiece of the Mastro’s menu, however, is most certainly its large, bone-in steaks. Aged for 28 days, they're massaged with a delicious rub and cooked with clarified butter at a smoldering temperature of 1,600 degrees. Served on a plate that's been heated to 400 degrees, your food stays warm throughout your meal. Following is the entire menu, steaks and all.

    Bread Basket

Appetizers, Soup and Salads: Caviar (Market Price); Snow Crab Claw ($5.95); Lobster Cocktail ($25.95); Shrimp Cocktail ($15.95); Crab Stuffed Mushrooms ($11.95); Vanilla Battered Shrimp ($17.95); Sautéed Sea Scallops ($15.95); Sautéed Shrimp ($15.95); Oysters Rockefeller ($15.95); Chilled Crab Legs ($23.95); Blue Point Oyster ($15.95); Quilcene Oysters ($15.95); Seared Ahi Tuna ($13.95); Ahi Tuna Tartare ($16.95); Toasted Cheese Ravioli ($11.95); Steak Sashimi ($13.95); Crab Cakes ($27.95); Mastro's House Salad ($13.95); Mastro's Iceberg Wedge ($9.95); Beefsteak Tomato and Mozzarella ($13.95); Spicy Mambo Salad ($10.95); Caesar Salad ($9.95); Chopped Salad ($9.95); Warm Spinach Salad ($9.95); Beefsteak Tomato and Onion ($9.95); French Onion Soup ($10.95); Create Your Own Mastro's Iced Seafood Tower.

Caesar Salad

USDA Hand-Cut Prime Steaks and Chops: Bone-in Filet (18 oz., $44.95); Bone-in Filet (12 oz., $29.95); Filet (12 oz., $35.95); Petite Filet (8 oz., $32.95); New York Strip (16 oz., $38.94); New York Pepper Steak (16 oz., $38.95); Double Cut Porterhouse (48 oz., $79.95); Bone-in Kansas City Strip (18 oz, $39.95); Bone-in Ribeye (22 oz., $41.95); Veal Porterhouse (18 oz., $35.95); Veal Chop (16 oz., $38.95); Rack of Lamb (22 oz., $38.95); Lamb Porterhouse (22 oz., $29.95); Steakhouse Chicken (22 oz., $25.95); Double Pork Chop (16 oz., $32.95); Porterhouse (24 oz., $41.95); Prime Rib (28 oz., $29.95).

Meal Price Ranges: Glass of Wine $8 – $25
Appetizer $5.95 – $25.95
Entree $25.95 – MP
Dessert $7.95 – $11.50
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