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Appealing Highlights
    Outdoor Dining

The Ivy's outdoor patio is the ideal place to enjoy the incredible Los Angeles weather. Shaded by a canopy of crisp white umbrellas and framed by a white picket fence - just like the kind in the front yard of your dreams - it's the perfect spot to catch a cool California breeze. Whether you like watching the Los Angeles hipsters shop their afternoons away at the chic boutiques that line Robertson Boulevard, or prefer listening to the flamboyant Beverly Hills gossip as it jumps from tabletop to tabletop, all year round this ivy-laden terrace is a comfortable setting in which to grab a bite to eat amid open air and sunshine.

Celebrity Sightings

For years, the Ivy has been a favorite destination for Hollywood's hungry who's who. A typical meal there is therefore often coupled with celebrity encounters. Several movie scenes have been shot at the Ivy, including a scene from Get Shorty, featuring John Travolta, Rene Ruso and Danny DeVito; and a scene from The Bodyguard, with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted here before their 2004 split and Demi Moore is said to consider it her favorite restaurant. And even if you don't see your favorite A-lister eating at the Ivy, you're almost guaranteed to see a paparazzo outside it, hunting for his next big photo opportunity.

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