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    Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

The Cabana Club Cafe provides a multitude of refreshments, from specialty cocktails and light snacks to full-course lunches. Click here for the breakfast menu. Below is a sampling from the full menu.

Frozen Cocktails: Daiquiris (made with Bacardi light rum and sweet & sour; also available in peach, banana, strawberry, raspberry or mango, $15); Margaritas (Pepe Lopez Tequila, sweet & sour, triple sec and a splash of lime juice; also available in strawberry, raspberry or mango, $15); Mercedes Margarita (Cuervo Gold Tequila, triple sec, sweet & sour and a Grand Marnier float, served on the rocks, $18); Strawberry Piña Colada (Bacardi light rum with Piña Colada flavoring and a strawberry swirl, $15).

Cocktails: Mai Tai (Bacardi rum, orange and pineapple juices, and grenadine with a float of Myers rum, $14); Lemon Burst (Finlandia vodka and triple sec blended with fresh-squeezed lemonade, $14); Mojito (Bacardi Limon, fresh-squeezed lime juice, fresh mint, sugar and soda water; also available in strawberry, $15); Pink Lemonade (Absolut Citron, Creme De Cassis and lemonade on the rocks with a sugar rim, $14); Maui Mimosa (Champagne, banana liqueur, and orange and pineapple juices, $13); Electric Lemonade (Malibu rum, Blue Curarçao, sweet & sour and 7-Up, $14); Watermelon Crush (Finlandia vodka, watermelon Pucker and lemonade, $14).

So-Cal Omelette

Frozen Coffee and Tea Drinks: Frosted Lattee (a rich, creamy latte made with Cappuccine's own blend of the finest high mountain-grown Arabica coffee, $6); Mocha Glacier (a rich and silky smooth blend of the world's finest cocoa and Cappuccine's own blend of the finest high mountain-grown Arabica coffee, $6); Extreme Toffee Coffee (based on Cappuccine's legendary Original Latte, with Real SKOR toffee pieces, $6); French Vanilla Latte (Cappuccine's exclusive Arabica coffee and Dutch cocoa team up with the sophisticated flavor of French vanilla, $6); Chai Tea Latte (Cappuccine's spiced chai flavor, $6).

Meal Price Ranges: Glass of Wine $9.75 - $22.50
Appetizers $9.50 - $23
Entree $18 - $27
Dessert $10
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