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We were thrilled and delighted to see that multi-award winning Chef Alessandro Stratta, of Alex at the Wynn, has taken on a new, additional role supervising the kitchen at Stratta. Guests now have double the pleasure, with the option to dine on "Riviera Cuisine" in the sophisticated elegance of Alex, or go for more casual, Mediterranean/Italian fare of Stratta. We consider it a double blessing to have twice as many of Chef Stratta's creations, and in two completely different settings and styles. For TravelsinTaste.com's exclusive interview with Chef Alessandro Stratta, please click here. For his biography, please click here. To read more about Alex at Wynn Las Vegas, including a dinner menu, please click here.

    Bread Basket

Wood-Fired Pizza: Margherita (fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil, $12); Sausage (spicy and sweet Italian sausage and roasted peppers, $16); Bocco (roasted mushroom puree, white truffle oil and 'Bel Paese' cheese, $17); Meatball (tomato sauce, mozzarella and hand-made meatballs, $16); Salumi (assorted Artisan salami, 'Bel Paese' cheese and oregano, $17); Bianca (arugula, spinach, ricotta and prosciutto, $15)

Wood Burning Grilled Pizzette

Appetizers: Cheese Plate (selection of Artisan cheese, $15); Fried Artichoke Hearts (spicy lemon-parsley aioli, $14); Assorted Bruschetta (eggplant-wild mushroom, roasted peppers and goat cheese, tomato-basil, $13); Wood-Fired Clams Casino (fresh Cherrystone clams broiled with roasted peppers and pancetta, $18); Assorted Salumi and Marinated Olives (selection of sausages and prosciutto with Parmigiano cheese and arugula, $18); Braised Beef Pansotti (stuffed with red wine braised beef, roasted onions, brown butter and sage, $21); Crispy Mozzarella (melted bufala mozzarella fritters with caper-anchovy dip and tomato sauce, $12); Prosciutto and Melon (imported Parma ham with seasonal melons and arugula leaves, $15); Fried Calamari (sun-dried tomato aioli, fennel and sweet onion, $16); Fettuccine Carbonara (crispy guanciale, Parmigiano cheese, cracked black pepper and sugar snap peas, $16); Beef Carpaccio (salad of marinated artichokes and ricotta salata with crispy eggplant toasts, $17); Ricotta Cheese Raavioli (fresh ricotta cheese with heirloom tomatoes with garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil, $20); Roasted Shrimp 'Scamp' (slow roasted tomato bruschetta, garlic, butter and white wine, $23).

Meal Price Ranges: Glass of Wine $9 - $17
Appetizer $12 - $18
Entree $15 - $46
Dessert N/A
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