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The Venetian Hotel Resort Casino, the Italian-inspired resort that opened on the Vegas Strip in May 1999, made a name for itself by combining world-class dining with upscale shopping, spa services and luxurious accommodations within one seamlessly integrated property. And while this destination hotel has a uniquely Mediterranean quality to it, it's home for many diverse fine-dining establishments, including one—Delmonico Steakhouse—with a decidedly New Orleans feel to it. Deep off the hotel's main lobby, Delmonico stands out amid the sea of Italian art and atmosphere for which The Venetian is known. Upon approaching it, you'll notice almost immediately its white awning and its glass doors, emblazoned with a signature D. If you choose to peek in through the glass doors, you'll be peeking into the lounge area, which houses the bar and a flat screen TV for diners who can't miss their favorite program. If you're not the peeking type, maybe you're the entering type; walk directly through the dark, inviting wooden doors to enter the lounge and, ultimately, the restaurant.

As you enter Delmonico Steakhouse, the first view you have, directly ahead of you, is through a glass window into a wine cellar. The bar and lounge are immediately to the left and the hostess area to the right. White columns punctuate the lounge along with beige upholstered chairs with dark wood frames that surround circular dark wooden tables. A raised circular portion of the ceiling contains a series of ball-shaped pendant lights. The fully stocked bar is made of light-colored wood, paired with light wood chairs and illuminated by spot lighting along its edge. Bottles adorn open wooden cabinets behind the bar, which seats approximately eight people; the lounge area has much more seating. A lovely chandelier with pinpoint lighting that's reminiscent of a spoked wheel is suspended from the ceiling above the check-in area, where cream-colored walls create an airy feeling.

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