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Helene An (Part 2 of 2)
Chef An's amazing food is made possible by her preference for high-quality suppliers, her stable of which spans the Pacific. She likes to get her fish for sashimi from Hawaii, for instance, and also has a Japanese supplier in Los Angeles for when she can't secure the best quality from Hawaii. She feels the Japanese are very selective on the fish for sashimi. She secures her crab from the Bay area or Washington state. She is the No. 1 consumer in California for crab, and as such has a very large company that provides her with the crab and gives her top priority in terms of what she wants to buy, at what price and of what quality. She gets her favorite ingredient, garlic, primarily from Hawaii, but at times gets it from an annual California garlic festival.

The fresh ingredients aren't the only notable thing in Chef An's eateries. The scenery is remarkable, too. Crustacean, for example, is beautiful. Designed by her daughter, Elizabeth who is CEO of the family business, it is indicative of the stories Chef An tells about her great grandfather, his house, its beautiful verandah and his life in Vietnam.

Chef An's restaurants are her life. Outside them, though, she pursues the same healthy living that she embraces in the kitchen. "I have to tell the truth, I don't really have that many days off," she says, "but when I do I like swimming, exercise and kung fu. I like to keep healthy."

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