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Josiah Citrin
With a reputation for coaxing exquisite flavors out of unlikely pairings and embracing fine dining in the casual culture of Southern California, Los Angeles' rising star chef Josiah Citrin continues to be one of the most watched and written about restaurateurs.

He and wife Diane Citrin opened Melisse restaurant in Santa Monica on July 23, 1999 amid much critical anticipation. The restaurant quickly became established as one of the top special event dining establishments in California. It earned the coveted Mobile 4-Star rating after just 18 months and has maintained the prestigious designation each year since.

Melisse was voted "Best Restaurant in Los Angeles" in Zagat 2006, "Best New Restaurant" in July 2000 by Food & Wine Magazine, "Best Newcomer" in the collector's edition of Gourmet Magazine's, Guide to America's Best Restaurants, and one of "The World's Most Exciting New Restaurants" by Conde Nast Traveler.

Melisse is named for a lemon-scented herb from the Mediterranean. Melisse offers contemporary American/French cuisine with hearty French influences and exciting special chef's selections and a menu stuffed with finds from the local Santa Monica Farmers' Market. Its interior has a European feel, like visiting a warm, French country home. The cuisine exudes the passion and flair Citrin is known for with his food and an upscale dining experience.

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