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Appealing Highlights
    Pool View

Dining with a view of the azure pool amidst large palm trees and lush landscaping provides for a very relaxing day. White umbrellas are spotted throughout to allow you to enjoy the sun without aging your skin. The pool has classical music playing underwater for your swimming pleasure. Don't worry that you might get splashed while you're eating, though; the pool is separated from the Cabana Club Cafe by a series of orange trees - with actual fruit on them, no less!


Eighteen cabanas adorn the pool area. You can rent one for the day for $225 and this entitles you to four lounge chairs. If you choose not to walk the few steps to the Cabana Club Cafe, you can receive full dining services in your private cabana, which includes waiters that come to your cabana with drinks and/or food. You will have to pay separately for whatever items you choose to feast on, though. Each cabana is equipped with a flat screen TV, two changing areas, chairs and tables. If you prefer, you can close yourself to the outside world by pulling closed the white draperies that flow toward the ground from the cabanas' pristine white tops, which resemble chic desert canopy tents capped with small, elegant spade-shaped ornaments.

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