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    So-Cal Omelette

The Cabana Club Cafe provides a multitude of refreshments, from specialty cocktails and light snacks to full-course meals. Click here to read the full listing and review the other tasty items on their menu. Below is a sampling from their breakfast menu.

Juice Bar: Orange ($6.50); Grapefruit ($6.50); Watermelon ($6.50); Carrot ($6.50); Tomato ($6.50); V-8 ($5.75); Fruit Smoothie ($6.50).

From the Lighter Side: Low-fat Muffins (blueberry or bran, $5.50); Egg Beater Omelet ($15); Spa Breakfast (with berries, papaya and a fat-free muffin, $10.50); Continental Breakfast (choice of freshly-squeezed juice, muffins, Danish or croissant and coffee or tea, $19); House Made Granola (with fresh fruits or berries, $9).

Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

Eye Openers: Regular or Decaffeinated Coffee ($6); Espresso ($5.50); Cappuccino ($5.75); Double Cappuccino ($6.25); Pot of Hot Chocolate ($5.50); Pot of Hot Tea ($8.50).

Eggs and Specialties: Sliced Fresh Pink Grapefruit (served with strawberries, $7.50); Two Eggs (any style, with your choice of smoked bacon, veal sausage or honey glazed ham, $15); Traditional Eggs Benedict (with Canadian bacon and Hollandaise sauce, $17); Vegetarian Benedict (steamed spinach, poached eggs and low-fat cheddar cheese, $15); Corned Beef Hash (with poached eggs, grilled marinated tomato and oak grilled peppers, $17); So-Cal Omelet (avocado, low-fat Jack cheese, tomato and chorizo, $17); Belgian Waffle (strawberries, dark Vermont maple syrup and freshly whipped cream, $15); House Cured Smoked Atlantic Salmon (herb cream cheese, red onion and a toasted bagel, $19); Buttermilk Pancakes (choice of banana, blueberry, chocolate chip or sliced strawberries, with dark Vermont maple syrup, $15); Polo Lounge Famous French Toast (sun-dried cranberry bread, sugar toasted pecans and banana cream, $15).

*Please note that the restaurants featured at TravelsinTaste.com may have changed their personnel, menu, pricing, décor, hours of operation, etc., since our last visit. The competitive and creative nature of the fine dining scene virtually assures that changes will occur on a frequent basis in order to make diners happier, meals more pleasurable and visits more frequent. Given their frequent fluctuations, most restaurants welcome inquiries about their current hours, menu and more.

Meal Price Ranges: Glass of Wine $9.75 - $22.50
Appetizer $9.50 - $23
Entree $18 - $27
Dessert $10
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