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Atlantic Grill offers several different dining options, all of which are equally pleasing. The first -- popular in warmer weather -- is Atlantic Grill's sidewalk seating, which is among the best on Manhattan’s Upper East Side thanks to the generously spaced tables outside, the unique red awning and the unmistakable blue façade that’s emblazoned with "Atlantic Grill." There's nothing like enjoying a dumpling or a piece of sushi out there beneath the blue sky, far enough away from the curb and separated from the sidewalk by a screen so that your dining experience is not interrupted by strangers or the exhaust from oncoming traffic.

For year-round dining, there are a number of other options, inside the restaurant, including the bar and lounge area, the first interior room, the second dining room, which features views of Third Avenue, and of course the raw bar -- all of which include fabulous food served in a unique atmosphere. Of these, the first you'll encounter upon entering the restaurant before arriving at the hostess station is the bar and lounge area. This area has a chocolate colored upholstered banquette along the wall to the right, beneath interesting framed photographs of waterskiing, boating and the likes. Here there are circular tables decorated with white linen tablecloths. To the left, meanwhile, are two tables, to the left of the door by the windows and then the bar. The bar is a highly polished wooden bar with a light stone top, marble or perhaps granite. A mirror decorates the back of the bar and is flanked on both sides by the same rich wooden wall that runs throughout the lounge. There's also a mirrored canopy on the top of the bar, which adds extra depth to the space. Stools are round with woven seats. A large potted green plant lies at the side of the bar nearest the restaurant while several rows of bottles sit in front of the mirror. Above those is a row of glassware. The window out to Third Avenue adds additional light to the spot, as do lights above the aforementioned photographs.

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