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Appealing Highlights
    Wood Burning Grill and Oven

At the heart of the restaurant is a wood-burning grill and oven decorated with a colorful dog mosaic created by a local artist. Pizza paddles surround the oven and serve as a constant reminder that Nick & Toni's pizzas are the stuff of legend throughout the Hamptons. The layout of the dining rooms and design of the oven are such that diners can watch a portion of their meal being prepared.

Stone Dogs

Stone dogs guard the dining rooms and are a recurrent theme for Nick and Toni's throughout the restaurant and on their website. One of the dogs was stolen by pranksters in 2006, but was soon returned to Nick & Toni's Cafe in New York City. It appears the would-be culprits paid for their meal by credit card before they stole the dog on their way out of the Hampton's restaurant, and so they were very easy to track.

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