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Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made by calling (702) 951-7000 or online by clicking here. The restaurant opens its books for reservations one year in advance, but you needn't book yours that early. It really depends on the convention timing in Las Vegas. If there's a convention in town when you're there, plan on booking at least a month in advance. If there isn't, a week should suffice. Either way, you're best to book as far in advance as you can in order to secure a window seat.

Seating at Alize is very cleverly designed. Every seat enjoys a spectacular view. Giving every diner a view was an enormous design challenge, but Chef Rochat solved it by putting one of his three wine cellars in the center of the dining room. People wouldn't want to sit in the middle of the room without a decent view, and the restaurant needed a wine cellar, so the perfect solution was one that preserved the view at the same time that it maximized wine storage. Tables are well spaced and the chairs are luxurious. Incidentally, Chef Rochat had another great idea: Instead of a foot stool for ladies' purses; he installed a shelf for them in the bottom of each chair. This way, neither servers nor diners knock into the foot stool. What a great concept!

Alize is home to a beautifully elegant dining experience. With 280-degree views of the Las Vegas Strip, the restaurant provides a show like no other. Service is completely seamless and servers are more than willing to please their guests; you can ask them anything about the menu and they'll have a more-than-fantastic answer for you. Because tables are elegantly spaced, you feel the only person you're dining with is your dining companion. As such, you're not at the mercy of your neighbor's conversation; you needn't hear how much they won or lost at the tables that day. This is a restaurant that was created for its elegant appeal. It's not attempting to squeeze too much into its experience, like many restaurants of its caliber, which often do so at the expense of their service. Instead, this restaurant is about perfectly proportioned sophistication, as it provides its guests with the ultimate Vegas dining experience. The real star here, though, is Chef Andre Rochat, who is well known for introducing fine dining and gastronomic delights to the Las Vegas scene. He's always in the kitchen creating epicurean delicacies for you. You can't ask for more than that. The view, the elegant tables, the exquisite service and the exceptional meal - altogether, Alize is a one-of-a-kind package that can't be replicated. It's a true diamond (if not four!) in the center of Las Vegas. Perfection has a name, and it's Alize.

There are easily accessible restrooms in the restaurant.

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Submitted: 8/30/2011
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This is the best dining experience I have ever had and we come back yearly. LL, Oregon
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