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Set off from the din of slot machines and shows at the approximately 4,000-seat Coliseum theater, whose notable headliners include Elton John and, of course, Celine Dion, it was a challenge to create a fine dining area at Caesar's Palace with which these accoutrements of Vegas did not interfere. Bradley Ogden succeeded, however. The first thing you'll notice of Bradley Ogden as you make your way toward it through the casino is its full floor-to-ceiling windows, which are sound proofed and dressed with mahogany horizontal slat blinds so that one can see into the restaurant during dining hours, when they're open, but not when the restaurant is closed, when they're shut. What's more, the blinds are helpful in lessening the noise and light from outside in the casino. The warmth that emanates from the restaurant can be traced to the rich mahogany, redwood and sunset orange-yellow tones that radiate from the dining room's lights and wooden interior. An elegant northern California home was the design inspiration here, relaxed with an explicit outdoor connection. Step a little further toward the restaurant from within the casino and you'll see its door, just beyond which is a large wooden framed structure inside of which are menus and an article from Las Vegas Life, accented with spot lighting. Slightly farther still you'll see a backlit, wall-mounted sign proclaiming "Bradley Ogden." Beneath the restaurant's nameplate are floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a view into one of the semiprivate dining rooms inside. The beautiful rich wood is reminiscent of California redwoods and therefore adds a slightly unique touch to this Vegas casino, which is completely apropos for Bradley Ogden's first venture outside of his home state.

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