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Reservations are optional. That said, reservations are always suggested if you don't want to be disappointed by not getting a table at the time you need it. Since Stratta is right on the casino floor it's a highly trafficked area and you might not be able to get in if you wait until the last minute. If you want one of the better tables, you would be advised to make a reservation.

Seating is comfortable, and there are several options, from the curvilinear couches to more formal chairs. If you're seated in the lounge though, keep in mind that it is a casual lounge and there will be people at the bar. Tables are far enough apart that you're not on top of your neighbor. While it's nicely spaced, please do remember that you're in a casino, and there's bound to be the usual casino din. Stratta is probably not your first dining option if you want a quiet, romantic meal – its simply more dynamic and vibrant than that.

The atmosphere in Stratta is casual and lively. You've got the flat-screen television at the bar and a view of the happenings of the casino while you dine, but don't worry about being too close to the action. If someone spills their drink in excitement at winning that elusive blackjack hand, or hitting the hard eight in craps, you won't get spilled on! Situated at the end of the theater row at the Wynn you'll also get to see everyone's smiling faces as they leave Le Reve, the spectacular Franco Dragone show, or Spamalot, Broadway's award winning musical that now plays at the Wynn. If you're not into either of those options, you can watch your food being prepared from the comfort of your own table, as the kitchen is open to the dining room. Either way, this is a fun, casual, inviting dining scene.

The restrooms are located outside of the restaurant, but still relatively close, and on the same level.

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