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As the signed photos that decorate the restaurant suggest, legions of famous people have come through the doors of Rao's in New York and now get the opportunity to try Rao's in Las Vegas. Copies of the original photos adorn the walls in the entryway, as well as those in the Rao's 1 and Rao's 2 dining rooms. These photos were taken off the wall in New York, scanned and then placed back in their original home; the scanned images were reframed and sent to Rao's Las Vegas, where they decorate the walls throughout. The most prominent photo by far is the picture of Vincent and Anna Rao; Vincent is the father of the restaurant's famous lemon chicken, but Anna also lent her deft touch to the kitchen with her delicious recipes. Probably the most charming photo is the wedding picture of Frank Jr. and Carla. Other notable additions include a picture of Frank Pellegrino, Frank Jr. and Ron Stracie -- nephew of Vincent Rao -- as well as portraits of other celebrities, friends, family members and past presidents. As a matter of fact, Bette Midler -- who has just opened at Caesar's, replacing Celine Dion -- has a prominent picture in the entryway. Basically, everyone who is anyone has their picture in some way shape or form on these walls. Not to be overlooked, of course, is the statue of the Madonna, which sits at the front of the restaurant with a plaque that reads, "To Frankie, Ron, and Frank Jr., May our Lady of Mount Carmel bless Rao's of Caesar's Palace as she has for the past 100 years in the window of Rao's of East Harlem." Clearly, some women's images are more powerful than others in this blessed restaurant.

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