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When you eat a meal in France, long before you savor the taste of your entrée you’ll whet your appetite with an “Amuse Bouche”—French for finger food. Literally translated as “mouth amuser,” an amuse bouche is a small portion of food that’s served before a meal’s first course. It’s a teaser—a bite-sized morsel—and so is ours. TravelsinTaste.com’s Amuse Bouche is a continually updated area where you can find information about restaurants, chefs, hotels, travel and casinos, all in real time. The Dining Room is equipped with all the latest breaking news on restaurant and chef happenings whereas The Rendezvous provides the same on the travel, hotel and casino news. You can see the latest scoops on special dinners, menu changes and dining happenings in Culinary Communiqué. You can even get one of our chef’s recipes for preparation in your own kitchen and impress your guests. For all your dining and travel needs, go to TravelsinTaste.com and experience the adventure that awaits you.

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