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Autumn Artichoke and Sherry Soup with King Salmon Carpaccio

Adrian Hoffman
One Market Restaurant
2# king salmon fillet
4# autumn artichokes
3T unsalted butter
½ # saltpork
3 sprigs thyme
¼ cup sliced shallots
½ cup white wine
½ cup sherry
3 quarts chicken stock
bay leaf
¼ cup crème fraiche

Cut salmon into 5” squares or blocks. Wrap well and freeze. When frozen, slice 1/16” thick slices. Keep separated with parchment paper.
Trim artichokes: Simply quarter artichokes and remove the choke and the very tips. Do not trim off all of the green parts.
In a thick bottomed pot, add butter, saltpork, and thyme. Sweat over low heat until saltpork has rendered and softened. Add shallots and artichokes. Increase heat and mix well - stirring for a few minutes. Add white wine and sherry. Reduce by 2/3. Cover artichokes with chicken stock and add one bay leaf. Let simmer until artichokes are ‘falling apart’ soft. Puree the whole soup with an immersion blender, and then pass through the fine die of a food mill.
When ready to serve - heat soup and finish with a splash of raw sherry. Lay carpaccio on top and finish with a small quenelle of crème fraiche whipped with black pepper.

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