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Sea Bass - Kami Tsutsumi

Masa Ishizawa
3.5 oz sea bass
1 piece of shrimp(16-20 size)
1 piece of scallop. Cut ¼ in” seared in hot water.
1 piece shitake mushroom. Cut in ½ or ¼ depending on size.
½ piece braised taro potato
2 or 3 shimeji mushrooms
2 piece green bean. Cut 2”
2 piece carrot. Cut julienne/
3 or 4 enoki mushrooms
1 slice of lemon
Nickel size piece of yuzu butter
1 oz sake mirin soy sauce emulsion
4 part sake, 4 part mirin, 2 part soy sauce, 1.5 part usukuchi soy, 0.2 part sesame oil.
Arrange all on an 8” by 10” piece of parchment paper.
Fold bottom up to middle and the top over the bottom .
Carefully twist the ends closed and tie each end with dried bamboo leaf.
Steam 9 to 10 min. in medium to high steam
Place a bamboo leaf on pasta bowl then put steamed Sea bass in the middle of a plate.

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