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HoodMart, Inc. Launches New Website, Introduces New Products And Announces Shortened Lead Times

ELYRIA, Ohio, Aug. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- HoodMart, Inc. ("HoodMart" or the "Company"), the leading factory-direct manufacturer of commercial cooking exhaust systems, announced today that it has launched its completely redesigned and enhanced website, www.hoodmart.com, and the site is available for online orders. With its streamlined design, the new website makes it even easier for customers to obtain the benefits of HoodMart's factory-direct pricing. Most importantly, the website includes Hood Builder, the Company's proprietary and industry's first hood & fan product configurator.

"We are very excited to offer our customers a wide variety of products using the best technology available, including the use of our exclusive Hood Builder configurator," said Sacha Polakoff, HoodMart's CEO. "The system walks a user through the process of choosing the right size and type of hood based on the cooking equipment to be utilized, and greatly simplifies the ordering process. Our goal is to give our customers the right exhaust system for their needs, and our Hood Builder is a great way to do exactly that." HoodMart designed the site to be user friendly and engaging in desktop, tablet and mobile environments. The site offers chat assistance and HoodMart's highly experienced sales technicians are available to answer questions as well.


In addition to the launch of its new website, HoodMart further announced that the site includes the following new products:

    --  Zero Clearance Hoods.  Zero Clearance hoods are specially insulated for
        use in spaces where a standard hood cannot be utilized because of nearby
        combustible surfaces such as ceilings, wooden walls and cabinets.  As
        with every hood HoodMart sells, the Zero Clearance hoods are ANSI/UL 710
        and CUL listed.
    --  New Product Packages including Condensate Hoods, Type II Hoods, Outdoor
        Hoods and Pizza Hoods
    --  A full line of fans.  As customers have often requested, HoodMart now
        offers a full line of exhaust and supply fans for situations where a
        complete exhaust hood system is not needed.  HoodMart's website will
        help users select the right fan, and all fan pricing includes FREE
        FREIGHT.  HoodMart's line of fans includes:
        --  Exhaust and Supply fans, including our "Go Green" Premium Efficiency
            Direct Drive fans.
        --  Utility sets.
        --  Direct Fired Tempered Units.
        --  Upblast Grease Rated Exhaust and Supply fans.
        --  ECM Fans.  HoodMart is proud to offer high efficiency fans with
            electronically commutated motors ("ECMs").  These fans can be
            operated at variable speeds and offer energy savings of as much as
            70% over conventional fans.
    --  Additional Products Coming Soon.  HoodMart is developing additional
        products that are highly complementary to its current product line. 
        Watch for news on these new products later this year.

HoodMart reminds you that all of the fans and hoods it sells are manufactured right here in North America.


The Company has also created a stock inventory program and redesigned its manufacturing processes. What does that mean to HoodMart's customers?

    --  Stock hoods ship in 24 to 48 hours.  When you need it fast, HoodMart
        ships it fast.
    --  Custom hoods ship in five to seven business days.  Even if your hood
        must be made to your exact specifications, HoodMart can get it on its
        way to you quickly.  We pride ourselves on having the shortest lead
        times in the industry.

HoodMart, a subsidiary of North American Kitchen Solutions, Inc. ("NAKS"), specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of ventilation systems and fans for the large and growing commercial cooking industry. The Company manufactures both traditional hood systems as well as portable, ventless hoods. The Company's hoods can be purchased separately or as part of a complete ventilation system, including exhaust fans, supply fans and fire suppression systems. Individual fans, filters and other accessories also are available.

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SOURCE HoodMart, Inc.

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