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Pinstripes Bistro, Bowling & Bocce Planning Nationwide Expansion

CHICAGO, Aug. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Recognized by restaurant industry insiders as a brand to watch, Pinstripes Bistro, Bowling and Bocce earlier this month opened its eighth location, its second in the Washington, D.C., metro area. The new, 37,000-sq.-ft. Bethesda, Md., Pinstripes is the first of five 2017/2018 openings planned for the Chicago-based experiential dining and entertainment concept, including first-time entries into the markets of Cleveland, Houston, Fort Worth, Texas, and San Mateo, Calif.

Founded in 2007 by Dale Schwartz, Pinstripes was the realization of Schwartz's decades-long vision of creating a welcoming, country club-style venue in which guests could unwind and connect with the people in their lives over exceptional food, good wine and social gaming. With four locations in its hometown Chicago, and additional locations in Overland Park, Kan., Edina Minn., and Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood, Pinstripes quickly became a local favorite, amassing a solid following of communities and businesses in every market in which it opened.

"People need to connect with other people, in person," said Schwartz. "When I read Robert Putman's book Bowling Alone in 2001, the author's description of disintegrating communities reinforced my own observation that a fundamental part of the human experience is now under-served. The average American spent just 40 minutes a day socializing off-line in 2015, considerably less than when I grew up.

"Bowling and bocce are inherently social games," added Schwartz, noting that the Pinstripes bistro, bowling, bocce concept was a distinct departure from the video-game-based model dominating the experiential restaurant space a decade ago. "These traditional games fulfill a nostalgic need for connection, first and foremost with each other, but also with the perceived simplicity of the past."

While Schwartz and team are intent on infusing a distinct, local personality into each Pinstripes, trademark elements include well-appointed bowling lanes, indoor/outdoor bocce courts, a bistro serving made-from-scratch Italian/American cuisine, a curated wine cellar and craft beer selection. With distinctive d├ęcor reflecting a rustic sophistication, every Pinstripes offers dynamic event space for groups of 20 to 600, and expansive outdoor patios, perfect for gathering with family and friends year-round.

Pinstripes is actively filling its pipeline of new locations throughout the country and, according to Schwartz, plans to open four to five new locations per year for the next several years.

For additional information, visit www.pinstripes.com.

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