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Houston Favorite Ruggles Green is Now Bellagreen


Houston-based Ruggles Green announced it has rebranded to Bellagreen. Bellagreen’s new prototype concept will open in Houston’s Vintage Marketplace in early October, marking the restaurant’s sixth location. The existing locations will be rebranded by end of year.

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Bellagreen's new prototype opening in Houston's Vintage Marketplace in early October (Photo: Busines ...

Bellagreen's new prototype opening in Houston's Vintage Marketplace in early October (Photo: Business Wire)

“The new name was selected to reflect our goal of creating beautiful food while striving to make the world a more beautiful place,” said Jason Morgan, CEO of Bellagreen. “The combination of ‘bella,’ the Latin word meaning beautiful, and green, signifying our brand's philosophy of ‘down-to-earth eating,’ reinforces dishes that appeal to both your tastes and your eyes.”

Bellagreen’s menu will continue to feature guest favorites such as Honey Fried Goat Cheese Arugula Salad, Hi-Protein Hempanadas, and Quinoa Mac & Cheese. Dishes are crafted with natural ingredients and made-to-order in a scratch kitchen, welcoming modification and customization for guests with specific dietary needs. Bellagreen also offers gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options so every individual can enjoy a finer dining meal.

“The name Bellagreen and the redefined prototype will feature an open kitchen and will provide our guests a premium fast-casual dining experience where they can enjoy a chef-driven meal without the added cost or time normally associated with meals of this quality,” said Morgan. “As we look toward continued growth for Bellagreen in Houston and entry into the Dallas market in early 2018, we’ve improved our restaurants’ aesthetic to better align with the focus of our brand, while maintaining our well-loved menu offerings.”

As Houston’s first Certified Green Restaurant™ company, Bellagreen will continue to carry forth the mission to ‘Eat Well & Tread Lightly.’ The eco-conscious restaurants are low-impact spaces that are 3-Star Certified Green, as Bellagreen reduces its ecological footprint by using water saving devices, alternate power sources and green practices to keep in harmony with the environment.

Bellagreen will host a job fair on September 7-9 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the new restaurant on 10111 Louetta Road in Suite 500. Bellagreen is seeking team members who are friendly, upbeat and passionate about great food and providing exceptional customer service. Interested candidates are welcome to apply in person for on-site interviews.


With a mission to create an innovative, down-to-earth dining experience, Bellagreen offers chef-quality food classics through unexpected menu options and ingredients that cater to a wide range of dietary needs. Bellagreen offers gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options so every individual can enjoy a finer dining meal. Through its six locations in Houston, Bellagreen is committed to creating natural, beautiful food while using sustainable restaurant operations to make the world more green. To learn more, visit bellagreen.com.

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