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Several Texas de Brazil Locations Announce Service Expansion

DALLAS, Sept. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Fans of churrasco can now enjoy Brazilian favorites during lunchtime breaks and outings, as several Texas de Brazil locations either add service days or begin serving midday. The Brazilian-American steakhouse concept features rodizio-dining, a continuous dining option that offers those seeking delicious meals served in a timely fashion at lunch.

"Whether you've come for a quick lunch or want to linger over a meeting with business associates, our restaurants allow every guest to choose the menu they wish and to manage the pace of a dining experience infused with distinctive Brazilian culture and authentic churrasco," says Salim Asrawi, COO of the family-owned brand with 53 locations worldwide.

Now guests may enjoy lunch on Fridays in Rochester, NY, choosing either the full rodizio-style menu or the salad area only dining experience. In Detroit, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Tampa, Texas de Brazil Churrascaria adds Monday and Tuesday lunch service to complement the already-popular Wednesday through Sunday offerings. And in Sunrise, Florida's Sawgrass Mills Mall, Texas de Brazil adds Monday through Wednesday lunch service to complete its daily service. Check the website for specific hours and pricing per location.

Texas de Brazil takes the time-honored tradition of churrasco-style cooking and combines it with genuine southern hospitality and superior service. Every guest's experience begins at an expansive salad area filled with freshly made dishes, both hot and cold, including favorites such as lobster bisque and coconut fish stew (Moqueca), traditional rice and beans and potatoes au gratin, or charcuterie and imported cheeses, Brazilian hearts of palm, pineapple carpaccio and vegetable couscous. The menu also features a variety of grilled meats cooked the authentic Brazilian gaucho way --over open flame using natural wood charcoal which gives the meats a deeper, more intense flavor and just the right amount of smokiness. The tempting selections may include succulent lamb chops, leg of lamb, picanha (sirloin), filet mignon, chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, Brazilian sausages and more.

During the continuous dining experience, guests pace the gaucho's service with a simple flip of a red and green disc. Green indicates when additional servings are welcome while red indicates a break is needed. The appealing menu offers something to please everyone at the table.

Welcoming diners of all ages, Texas de Brazil regularly features 50 percent savings off regular dinner prices for children 6-12. Children 3-5 years of age dine for $5 and those under two dine free. For details, location times and pricing for each location, visit www.texasdebrazil.com.

About Texas de Brazil
Texas de Brazil is an authentic churrascaria featuring a continuous dining experience that blends the unique culture of Brazil with the generous hospitality of Texas. The menu features a vast selection of grilled meats, a 50-item salad area and a la carte dessert selections. Founded as a family-owned business in 1998, Texas de Brazil now has 53 domestic and international locations. For more information, visit http://www.texasdebrazil.com.

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