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First Franchise Capital® Announces Pay It Forward Program

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- First Franchise Capital (www.firstfranchisecapital.com), a First Financial Bank company, announced that it is introducing the “Pay It Forward Program” for its current clients.

First Franchise Capital (FFC) enjoys giving back to the community and, now, the communities of its clients. With the Pay It Forward Program, a current FFC client can refer a new client to First Franchise Capital. Once the new client’s loan is funded with an active balance, First Franchise will donate $1,000 in the name of the client making the referral to a local non-profit of his or her choice.

“An important part of the culture at First Franchise Capital is giving back to the communities we serve,” explained Bill Nicholson, Executive Director of Sales. “The Pay It Forward Program will help our clients support communities in their areas thus widening our footprint of giving back and allowing us to support all of our communities together.”

For more information and qualification requirements, visit www.firstfranchisecapital.com/payitforward or contact Bill Nicholson at bill.nicholson@firstfcc.com.

About First Franchise Capital

Indianapolis-based First Franchise Capital (firstfranchisecapital.com), a First Financial Bank company, provides commercial financing for restaurant franchisees. First Franchise Capital utilizes industry knowledge, proprietary technology and passion to deliver top-quality service and capital products to franchise restaurant owners nationwide.

Media Contact
Sharon Robbins, 317-428-3804


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