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Executive Chef Mark Sandoval


    "Mezza Plate"

When Postrio was closed for remodeling during a recent trip to Las Vegas in October 2008, we took a sneak peak and knew that we simply had to go back upon the restaurant's reopening. Lucky for us, we were recently able to make a return trip, during which we witnessed the incredible rebirth of this classic San Francisco import, which was updated under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Mark Sandoval. Our meal was wonderful and we discussed it in depth with Chef Sandoval, who also told us about his entree into Wolfgang Puck's culinary family, and about his ambitions to take a much-deserved holiday!

Sauteed Maine Lobster & Crab Cake

Our conversation with Chef Sandoval started at the beginning. His path to Wolfgang started unofficially in 2005, he told us, while he was working at a restaurant in Sonoma, Calif. There, he happened to engage a couple in life-changing conversation at a local winery. "They asked me about cheeses," Chef Sandoval said. "We had this beautiful picnic ground and artisanal salami and such, so I selected these cheeses for them and they asked me what the best restaurant in Sonoma was. Of course I referred them to my restaurant, made a reservation and cooked for them that night, after which we engaged in more conversation and they asked, 'As a chef, who do you idolize?' I said, 'Joel Robuchon; I would love to work for him one day.' Ironically, they said, 'He's opening up in Vegas.' I said, 'You must be mistaken; there's no way that he's opening up in Vegas. He's been courted by who knows how many people and places, and he's always declined.' So I investigated and found out it was true."

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