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Executive Chef Mark Sandoval


    "Mezza Plate"

Dining with Chefs: Executive Chef Mark Sondoval

Of course, the tasting menu isn't the only attraction at Postrio. "We have another kind of fun item," Chef Sandoval explained. "It's table 51. When people come in and request that table, I like to offer a chefs tasting menu. They can have a three-, six- or nine-course menu -- whatever they would like -- and I tailor it to whatever it is that they are doing. I have a lot of people who are locals who come in on a regular basis. One couple comes in every Tuesday and Friday. Recently, for the month of December, we condensed the menu. The normal menu has a section of whole fish prepared tableside; because December slows down, we eliminated that section. But this particular couple loves the loup de mer. So, every Tuesday I bring in two and every Friday I bring in quail for them. They come in religiously for them; they are even coming in on Christmas with the whole family, so I'm doing an entire menu for them."

Sauteed Maine Lobster & Crab Cake

Our mouths watering, our conversation then turned to what we were eating and how Chef Sandoval prepared it. Our first course included the 'Mezza Plate.' "This is the Greek appetizer plate," Chef Sandoval explained. "We have a lamb mixture. We bake the lamb with rice and we use a lot of baking spices -- such as cardamom, cumin, coriander, all spice, bay leaf -- and we actually bake it with the rice. At the end, we fold in golden raisins that we've cooked with a little bit of white wine and sugar, then we fold some toasted pine nuts into the filling with some and wrap those with grape leaves, which we grill to order. We couple that with tanziki. Then we add four falafel balls with hummus. Finally, we add the backala -- the salt cod fritter. We dehydrate the salt cod and then poach it in milk with potatoes and garlic. Then we rice the mixture and make a filling. When you rehydrate it and add it to the potato and garlic, it loses a lot of the salt and loses the fish flavor. It becomes more like a seasoned potato. Then we put that with baba ganoush. We add marinated feta, some roasted peppers and marinated olives. We encourage three to four people to share it; it's a great way to start the meal."

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