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SHO Shaun Hergatt

Executive Chef Shaun Hergatt

    "Petuna Farms" Ocean Trout Tartare

Dining with Chefs: Executive Chef Shaun Hergatt
SHO Shaun Hergatt (Part 2 of 3)

Because we appreciate his dedication to quality, we'll certainly be back multiple times. We wondered, though: Does that dedication allow Chef Hergatt any spare time? "I go to the gym, sleep and I like to travel when I get a chance," he said. "Apart from that, I'm pretty dedicated to the restaurant. This is my life. To be in this sort of business, you have to have a lifestyle. This is not something that you do part time. This is my lifestyle. I'm fully focused on this project. Every table counts for me. When I look at my clients, I still owe them a lot more than what we've given them. We're very new -- we're only four months old -- and although we've received great accolades from Esquire, Michelin and obviously Zagats, we're an infant. I need to grow this into an adult. I think that it takes a lot more time. Rather than doing too much extra with another project, I want to focus and make sure this is a full success. After that I can relax a little, and then start to find something different. I still have another solid eight months before I can even comfortably say we're nearly there. We're not even a finished product; a finished product in a restaurant takes at least two to three years to achieve. So it’s a long road."

Hand Picked Peekytoe Crab

When our food arrived, we asked Chef Hergatt to describe each dish, beginning with the Hand Picked Peekytoe Crab. "Basically, it’s a peekytoe crab and you add a little bit of chiffonade of cilantro and tobiko. It's done with a tahini and cucumber mayonnaise. Actually, it's not a mayonnaise; it’s a thickened dressing with a whole egg. It's garnished with a little bit of sea urchin, some micro cilantro and pink pepper corns. It's delicious. Over the top you have a galangal and green apple gelee. So when you eat the quenelle of the crab it gives a little bit of acidity and it gives a balance to the galangal flavor. It just compliments the cilantro and obviously the crab very well."

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