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Anthony Raggiri
Executive Chef Anthony Raggiri of Marseille, France began his culinary career as an apprentice in his father's butcher shop, honing the skills that would become the foundation for an already impressive career as a chef. He would go on to graduate from La Cadennelle, one of the premiere culinary institutes in all of France, ultimately becoming a founding partner of Bistro 61 here in New York City.

Prior to founding Bistro 61 Chef Raggiri was head chef of Grove restaurant located in Greenwich Village and thereafter Executive Chef of Isobel located in Brooklyn Heights. During his time at Isobel Mr. Raggiri received high accolades from critics in publications like New York Magazine and Time Out where his cuisine was described repeatedly by critics as “authentic”. In addition to being praised in print, Chef Raggiri has made several guest appearances on nationally syndicated televisions shows such as NBC’s Sunday Today.

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