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Located in Manhattan’s fashionable Flatiron neighborhood, which is filled with buildings comprised of pewter, brass and bronze, Veritas marks its spot on a gentle, tree-lined stretch of East 20th Street with a fluttering brown flag that sports its signature “V” along with the phrases “in vino veritas” -- Latin for "in wine there is truth" -- and “Veritas New York City.” Although it now offers abundant restaurant choices, the Flatiron district wasn't always so foodie-friendly. Back in the mid 1980s, however, there was a surge of residential and commercial development that brought people into the neighborhood -- and, eventually, restaurants where they could eat. Around the same time, the neighborhood adopted “Flatiron” as its moniker in honor of the Flatiron building at the intersection of 5th Avenue, Broadway and 23rd Street. Named the Fuller Building when it was constructed in 1902 -- at which time the 22-story structure was also considered one of the tallest buildings in New York City, and one of its first skyscrapers -- the Flatiron building got its contemporary name from its triangular shape, which is reminiscent of a clothes iron. Veritas made its debut in the neighborhood in 1998 and has had a strong following ever since -- among oenophiles and foodies alike!

Once you enter through the framed glass doorway at Veritas you’ll know you're in a special place. Immediately you’ll notice the high ceilings above you and the interesting wall behind you, which features a pattern of glass and dark, metallic-colored window trim. Toward the left is an exposed brick wall against which stands the bar -- discussed in more detail in our "Appealing Highlights" section -- which is made of highly polished metal and wood and is illuminated by two rows of track lighting that run parallel to an exposed pipe in the ceiling. Two tables near the window offer views of East 20th Street while one table next to the wall offers a view of the bar. This lone table sits beneath an abstract piece of art featuring several rectangular pieces that form one large square.

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