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Executive Chef Drew Terp


Dining with Chefs: Executive Chef Drew Terp
barMASA (Part 3 of 3)

For our final course we picked three types of sushi, the first being uni, which we've found never tastes the same -- no matter how many times you've had it. "It's always different and that has to do with varying ocean conditions, what the uni are actually eating at the current time and where they are being farmed from," Chef Terp explained. "It’s a lot like wines. The age of the uni, when you harvest them, how long it takes them to get from harvest to being packaged to getting to you. The uni is actually the gonad of the animal -- not sure if you knew that or not. That's why when it matures it is a different flavor."

Ikura - Salmon Roe

Our second sushi choice was the salmon roe. "Roe's becoming one of those new trends," Chef Terp said. "It's one of those texture things that people can play with. Tobiko became huge a couple of years ago. Everyone was using Tobiko because it pops. Now that there are different sizes and techniques, people are making the roe out of different elements; there's olive oil roe, for instance, and little different caviar beads that are like roe. This is a reference to the popular movement of molecular gastronomy in fine dining establishments and the trickle down effect it is now producing. So I think that is resurging into the roe population to play against textures and palates. It saw its resurgence a couple of years ago when Tobiko and sushi came into the American market. They are very classic items to use, but I think it's definitely coming much more into alignment."

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