French Caviar Leader Kaviari Introduces “en-K de Caviar®” - individual, on-the-go caviar servings — to the US Market


Sleek, stylish, and small enough to fit in an evening purse*, the “en-K de Caviar®” [pronounced an-Ka and meaning treat in French] is a unique, single-serving caviar box designed to be a taste treat for the eye as well as the palate. Modern, elegant and available in insulated packaging in six fashion-forward shades that range from glitzy gold to matte black and hot pink, en-K de Caviar® is redefining the meaning of upscale snacking. Slide back the lid of the slender tin that comes complete with its own serving spoon and enjoy a half-ounce of delicious, sturgeon caviar.

en-K de Caviar® is the newest brand from caviar specialist Maison Kaviari, a long-standing leader in the world of luxury foods whose finely selected fish roe can be found in the restaurants of Michelin-starred chefs Alain Ducasse, Guy Martin, and Yannick Alléno.

Already a hit in France, where it is available for retail purchase at La Grande Épicerie in Paris, and in Britain, where it will soon appear on the shelves at Harrod’s, these petite treats have revolutionized the world of caviar. en-K de Caviar® appeals to food lovers who appreciate the refined taste of sturgeon without the fuss of a traditional caviar service. No longer relegated to the special occasion indulgence, en-K de Caviar® is the perfect amenity to enjoy at the spa, from the hotel room mini-bar, during luxury air travel, and as a snack paired with a glass of champagne in nightclubs and lounges.

Product Details

Serving Size: .55 ounce [15 grams]

Species: Sturgeon Caviar Baeri

Color: Charcoal Gray Texture: Smooth

Size of Pearls: Medium

Type: Farmed

Taste: Creamy and nutty

Retail Price: $49/tin plus shipping

* This product requires refrigeration.

En-K de Caviar® is imported and distributed in the USA by Finesaler Specialty Foods Trader.

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